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  • Where are you located and what are your hours?
    Our store is located in the heart of downtown Jackson, across from the southeast arches. 50 E Broadway Ave Jackson WY 83001 We are open 7 days a week, 10am - 6pm, excluding some holidays or special events.
  • I need assistance with a FFL transfer.
    Follow this link to find more information of FFL transfers.
  • Can I buy a fishing license in your store?
    Yes! We sell Wyoming state fishing licenses in store. We do not sell Yellowstone National Park or Idaho licenses. All fishing licenses can also be purchased online if you need one outside of business hours.
  • Do you sell kids clothing?
    Unfortunatly, we do not sell kids clothing right now. But we do sell kids shoes and accessories!
  • I am interested in a job, who should I contact?
    We are always looking for motivated outdoor enthusiasts to join our team! Send a copy of your resume and why you would like to work for us to:
  • How do I hire a guide for a fishing trip?
    We offer full day and half day guided fly fishing trips. For availablilty and more information, give our fishing department a call at 307-733-3270 or send an email to
  • Do you offer hunting guides?
    We do not offer guided hunting trips at this time. Give our hunting department a call at 307.733.3270 for recommendations of local and regional hunting outfitters.
  • Do you accept firearms transfers?
    Yes, only from other FFL licensees via UPS or FEDEX only, NO EXCEPTIONS. Items shipped via USPS will be returned to sender. We do not accept private party transfers.
  • Are you an SOT3? Can you sell regulated NFA Items?
    Yes, we are a SOT 3 Dealer. If you are interested in purchasing an NFA Regulated item, please visit our Powered by SilencerShop website for more information regarding availability and types of trusts. All rules and regulations to purchase a firearm apply to purchasing an NFA item as well. In addition to the ATF 4473 and the FBI NICS background check, the intended buyer must also complete an ATF Form-4. This includes the submission of fingerprints, 2 US Passport photos and pay a $200 tax stamp on EACH regulated item. All of these can be completed in-store on our Powered by SilencerShop kiosk. Please note that the approval of the Form-4 can be a lengthy process taking 6-18 months to complete.
  • How can I get a copy of the JD High Country FFL?
    Please email us at with your Name, phone number, order number (if available) and an email address of the shipping FFL. We do not release our FFL to private parties.
  • What is your transfer fee?
    Our transfer fee is $50 however, if you spend more than $50 on in-store purchases we will happily waive that transfer fee. Transferred items left for longer than 15 calendar days may be subject to additional storage and handling fees.
  • When will I know if my firearm has arrived and is ready for pickup?
    As soon as we receive your item and have acquired in into our ledger, we will then call or email the contact information that is provided with the firearm. Due to the volume of items transferred in, please allow for up to 1 business day to receive a call or email.
  • Can you special order a firearm for me?
    Please email us at with the item that you are in search of and we are happy to check availability.
  • Do you ship firearms? Ammunition?
    We do ship firearms, however we do not ship to the state of California or other states with certain firearm restrictions. The transferor will be charged a $50 transfer fee and the cost of shipping. Also note that pistols will only be shipped via UPS or FEDEX Air. Please contact us directly to discuss shipping options. We DO NOT ship ammunition.
  • Do you carry reloading or black powder supplies?
    We currently do not carry any reloading components, muzzle loading or black power items.
  • Do you offer Gunsmithing Services?
    While we do not offer gunsmithing services we do offer riflescope mounting and bore sighting and minor diagnostic work. We can also provide references for local gunsmiths.
  • Do you buy or sell used guns?
    We do not buy or sell any used firearms
  • What documentation do I need to complete my 4473 and firearms transfer?
    You must provide a State or Federally issued picture ID that includes your CURRENT place of residence. If your photo ID does not include your place of residence (i.e. Passports or PO Boxes) we ask that you bring either a valid vehicle registration, current voter ID registration card or a valid Wyoming Game and Fish License purchased from an authorized agent. Also note that we do not accept paper copies of licenses. Please bring I94 or USCIS credentials if applicable. Please bring WY Concealed Firearms Permits if applicable. Other states CFPs or LTCs are not applicable for completing the 4473.
  • Are there any restrictions to firearms that I can purchase?
    Federal law stipulates those items classified as either a Pistols, Receivers or “other” can only be completed in the purchaser’s state of residence. Please see the ATF guidance for age restrictions pertaining to the purchase of firearms and ammunition. Things to Note If you are a prohibited person, attempting to purchase a firearm or regulated item is a Felony FFL licensees reserve the right to refuse transfer. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that we deem suspicious or suspect of committing a straw purchase. Anyone that intends to purchase a firearm or regulated item from JD High Country Outfitters must complete an ATF 4473 and complete/pass an FBI NICS Background Check. You must read and complete these forms on your own – we cannot help or answer questions.
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