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Winter Camping and Backpacking Essentials

So you want to go camping in the winter but don't know where to start? We've got you covered. Winter backpacking and camping are fun adventure options in Wyoming's backcountry. Its a great way to see different wildlife, escape the summer crowds, excape the bugs and enjoy our winter wonderland! Winter camping is not for the faint of heart so study up before heading out.

Winter camping gear

Some tips of the trade while your planning your trip: Stay hydrated, layer up your clothing, eat a hot dinner, protect your campsite from the wind and avalanche danger.

Come on in the store and talk to our camping staff so you can have the an enjoyable experience in our beautiful backyard.

Our top ten gear picks:

  1. MSR Revo Explore Snowshoes

  2. Biolite 800 Pro Headlamp

  3. Rab Ascent 900 Sleeping Bag (0 degree)

  4. Helinox Chair Zero

  5. Exped Eltra 7r Sleeping Pad

  6. GSI Halulite Microdualist Cookset

  7. Jet Boil Minimo Stove

  8. Peak Refuel Meals

  9. SOL All Season Blanket

  10. Osprey Ariel 65 Pack

Enjoy and find your snow bliss!

-Marilyn Lori


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