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Old Man Winter Hanging Around | March 2023

This is kind of a good news...bad news report. Because of the continual colder temperatures we have experienced this winter, the early season fishing has seen a slow start. The good news is we are experiencing a kind of an old-time winter with good snows and the cooler temps have kept the snowpack in great shape.

Currently the Upper Snake River snowpack is at 107%, and over in Idaho, the Henry’s Fork snowpack is at 112%. The release from Jackson Lake Dam is 351cfs (a little low from the optimum winter release of around 480cfs). Again in Idaho, for the South Fork and the Henry’s Fork, the dam releases are a little low of their 30 year average, but not bad. On the South Fork the release below Palisades Reservoir is 925cfs. For the Henry’s Fork, Island Park is 249cfs and at the Ashton dam it’s 836cfs. For all three rivers, much better releases than last winter.