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Clearing Up: June 2022

Things are starting to clear up! After a wet and cold spring, it finally looks like summer is here to stay. The Snake is still a bit off-colored but Pacific Creek and the Gros Ventre are clearing up nicely, along with the stretch below the dam on the Snake of course - these three are great options to check out right now. There are some salmon fly sighting on Pacific Creek, as well as the Hoback, although the Hoback is still running high and cold. If you're heading out on the GV, try throwing a hopper pattern - we've had some luck with them in red this past weekend. Give the Snake another week to 10 days and it should be looking pretty good.

Lakes are still fishing well but definitely starting to tail off. If streamer fishing, try throwing a Lil Kim, JJ special or black leech. You may find some opportunity to throw an ant or grasshopper pattern.

Down on the green, the water is clear and leveling off (1,410cfs @ Warren Bridge). It is a great time of year to head down there and try out new water. Caddis, drakes, pheasant tails, rubber legs and white streamers should do the trick!

The southern loop in Yellowstone is back open with an alternating license plate system. Be sure to do your research before driving up to the park. Everything is open to fish except the Yellowstone River, which will open July 1st.


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