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Could runoff actually be here? | May 1st, 2023

A quick fishing report from Ken to get you daydreaming for the weekend!

  • Snake River @ Dam: 313cfs and clear

  • Snake River @ Moose: 1330cfs. Clean & clear on Saturday, off colored & green on Sunday. High temps today will likely dirty it up even more.

  • South Fork @ Irwin: 4430cfs. Fairly clear on upper stretches

  • Hoback: 979cfs. High and dirty

  • Upper Green is still inaccessible

Try throwing streamers or large black nymths (rubber legs) to get the fish moving. Weather is to arrive over the weekend with possibilty of precipitation with cooler temps extending into next week, which will slow runoff.

More details coming soon. We are fully stocked on flies and ready to help! Stop in the store to get the most updated reports from all our staff members! Open everyday 10am - 6pm.


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