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Fall Fishing: October Fishing Report

The Snake has been dropping in flows for the past week or so to come down to winter levels. It is currently running at 262cfs. With winter flows in full effect, fish will be hunkering down for the next few days to a week and fishing may be off. But good fishing is still to be found, look for holding water and deep runs. You can find fish sipping dry flies in the flats and slower water. With cold weather on the horizon, don't look to head out early but instead let the day warm up and fish the during the hottest part of the day. Along with the colder weather, we'll be transitioning to smaller bugs like BWOs (blue wing olives) hatches and afternoon spinner falls are productive times to fish. Don't shy away from streamers, keep them to a small profile and single hook.

Tight lines and catch a big one!

Fall fishing tips from Hatch Magazine:

  1. Mind the sun and your shadow

  2. Mind your clothing

  3. Pay attention to water temperature

  4. Understand the trout's changing behavior

  5. Fall means spawing, throw an egg on a slowday


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