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Final Days of Fishing: November 2021

Flows on the Snake and South Fork are low and at winter levles. The Snake is flowing at 688cfs in Moose and the South Fork is down to 938cfs at Irwin.

Dry fly fishing has been good on the flats and in slower water so keep an eye out for heads feeding. Try throwing Beatis patterns like DOA cripple #20, RS2 #20, Sparkle dun #18. Midge pattersn like Stillborn midge #18-20, Antonio's quill midge #18-20 or Griggiths gnat #18-20. Nymph fishing is alwasy productive this time of year. Look to fish deep runs and pockets along the Snake. GB hares ear #12, Juju baetis #18, French dip #14-16, or San Jaun worms #10 should be productive.

The streamer bite has been good. Try fishing smaller profile streams like Lil Kim #4-8, Drunk and Disorderly #4-6, TA leech #6, or Sparkle Minnows #6-8.

Yellowstone and GTNP roads are now all closed. Flat Creek is also closed for the season. Check closure and reguations on streams and rivers before heading out. Fish the warmer parts of the day, fish will be more active and looking to bulk up for the winter.


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