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Heating Up: July 2022

Area waters are still fishing very well, but the higher air temperatures of the last week are starting to have effect on some waters. Dam releases from Jackson Lake have dropped a little and have been running around 2100cfs since July 14th. So, yes fishing on the upper Snake has remained very consistent. Smaller foam patterns in purple, red, and black have been very effective for us. If you would like to drop a nymph off the foam, try Lighting Bugs in 12’s and 14’s or a Jig Imp, sizes 14 and 16’s.

The local tributaries are in great shape and you can’t go wrong with a Circus Peanut or an old reliable, Royal Stimulator. Salmonflies are still strong on the South Fork and moving into the upper river. Look for PMD’s and Yellow Sallies in the riffles; Caddis for you that are evening fishing.

Pinedale waters have been fishing about as good as they get, but here is where we are seeing air temperatures coming into effect. Morning and late afternoon and evening fishing has been very good, but expect the middle of the day to go flat. This is pretty normal for this time of year in Pinedale.

In Yellowstone National Park, Salmonflies on the Yellowstone River are in full swing. Don’t over look Yellowstone Lake; Leech patterns (Mohair and Marabou) are go to’s. But with a little searching you can find excellent dryfly fishing on the lake and who has a problem with catching 4-6lb native Cutthroat.

As I mentioned in the last report, pretty easy to pen one when all area waters are clicking and fishing well.

Until next time ... good fishing!

- Howard Cole


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