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Snow Equivalency to 99% | March 5, 2024

After some serious snow fall this past weekend, and more on the way, our snow totals were bumped to 99% of the median. The Snake River drainage is sitting at 99% snow water equivalent, Jackson Lake is 73% full and Palisades Reservoir is 89% full. If you really want to dive into the numbers, check out Teton Conservation District's website.

We are still holding with winter flows on the Snake River above the dam at 281cfs and the South Fork is sitting around 925cfs. During the winter months and low flows on the Snake, be looking to cast at slow water as well as deep slow pools, long glides with depth and eddy seems.

Rainbow Trout on the Henry's Fork

With more weather in the forecast and cold temps over the new few days, we will probably see some ice build up along our local rivers. Next week may see an improvement on our high and low temps getting back to normal seasonal levels.

With that in mind, be prepared to have a good supply of Zebra Midges, Copper Johns, Duracelss and Rubber Legs. If you see any surface activity have some Griffiths Gnats, Bunny Midges, Smoke Jumpers and Parachute Adams on hand.

And as always, come on by the store and chat with the guys in the fishing department for the most up to date fishing advice.

-Ken Takata


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