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More Surface Activity with Warmer Weather | 4.20.24

With warmer weather this week, we are seeing more surface activity. There is a mix of Blue Wing Olives, midges and small stoneflies. Midday through the afternoon is when you'll find the best fishing. Earlier in the day you will still be nymph fishing, but as water temperatures rise, the fish will move to shallower feeding lanes in search of hatching bugs.

The Split Top Emerger in olive or grey sizes 16 through 20 works great as a crossover for BWOs and midges. If you are seeing dorsals but not noses, fish an emerger. The Two Tone BWO Parachute is a great visible fly for BWO duns.

The Stacker Mosquito is a good midge adult, and a number 18 Hemmingway Caddis is good for the small stones. Fish are podded up so when you find them you find them when you don’t, you don’t.

If you are floating remember the Snake is still at winter flows and it takes more time to float a section. Snow is melting so it is easier to get around, but in some places snowshoes will make your afternoon exit more pleasant. Check out the lastest on flows and boat ramp access from our friends at the Snake River Fund.


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