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Lights Out: July 2022

It is finally the time that most of us fly fishermen look forward to. The Yellowstone area fisheries have come alive. Water flows on Jackson Hole rivers and streams have been dropping and are really coming into shape. Some are still that steel-green color but most are fishing very well. Attractor dryfly fishing on the main stem of the Snake has been very good with purple and red being very effective in 8’s and 10’s. You can team them up with one of the three kings of the nymph world: Hare’s Ear, Pheasant Tail, and Prince Nymphs as dropper systems in size’s 10 and 12. Jig nymphs have become all the rage, and the Duracell and Red Bead Quill Jig have become Jackson Hole favorites. The Snake’s major tributaries clearing more every day and are fishing well. The exception would be the Buffalo Fork; I would still give this one a little more time. Same flies and techniques that you use for the Snake will work on the Tribs. Just come down a little in size. Be aware that most of the small tributaries in Grand Teton National Park are closed until August 1st.

As how I started this report, you really can’t head in any direction from Jackson Hole without finding good fishing. Down south in the Pinedale area the fish are looking up at a plethora of different insects; Golden and Little Yellow Sally stoneflies, Pale Morning Duns and Grey Drake mayflies. To the west; Salmonflies have started on the South Fork. Rifles have been fishing very well on the lower river. On the Henry’s Fork the lower river has been on fire. PMD’s, Grey and Green Drakes and tons of Caddis are prevalent there. The entrances to YNP gates have been relaxed and the upper loop road has opened. In the park, opening day of fishing the Yellowstone River, moved this year to July 1st from the traditional July 15th. Dryfly fishing there has started out slow but nymphing and streamer fishing has been producing. And on a positive note, the Salmonflies should be starting there in the near future.

It is really fun to be able to put out a report with so much good vibe. The wet cold spring had been great for the Yellowstone Area and we are reaping the fishing benefits now. Let’s hope for some timely rains and I can keep giving this kind of report for the rest of the summer.

Until next time, good fishing!


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