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Mid August Fishing Report | Snake River, WY

Fly fishing on the Snake River

We have been getting a lot of rain recently in the Jackson area, but the streams are staying relatively clear. The rain has been keeping water temperatures cool, so we haven’t had any warm water issues so far this summer ... but it's always still a good habit to "keep them wet".

Water levels on the snake have been on a downward trend, and are currently sitting just below average for this time of year. As of today, August 24th, the Snake River is sitting at 3,320cfs in Moose and 4,000cfs below the whitewater stretch. Over on the South Fork, it is running at 8,420cfs in Irwin.

Fly fishing has been a bit off and on with the weather, but we are still getting fish on the surface. Hoppers are out, but not in huge numbers. We have been having better success with smaller bugs. Pmds, parachute adams, and small caddis have been getting fish looking up. Don’t hesitate to throw a hopper dropper rig though. Duracells, perdigons, and pheasant tails have been working well for the dropper. Streamer fishing has been working well on overcast and rainy days as well.

Small stream fishing is still going strong, though stream levels are getting a little low. Look for deep water and pooling water. Smaller foam flies and parachute adams is always a good bet on this type of water.

Be sure to stop in the store to grab flies and chat with the fishing department for tips and tricks!

- Wes


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