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Rain is a Good Thing | August 16th, 2022

Similar to last year’s August that brought a week and a half of rain that saved the Snake and its tributaries from dangerously high water temperatures, this year’s August has also started very wet. Though last weekend’s heavy rain put area waters off in color, they have rebounded nicely and there is good fishing to be had. The standard fair of Hoppers, Foam, and Traditional Attractor patterns seem to be all working. We haven’t had to do much in the way of Dropper/Nymph fishing. Dryfly fishing with 3

and 4X leaders has been working just fine. Three flies I wouldn't overlook would be a Juicy Hopper in pink, Caddis Emerger (GV), and an Adams Para Wulff.

Down in the Pinedale area, water flows jumped way high, but are much back to more normal. As of this morning the Green is flowing at 504cfs. Dryfly fishing while floating with a Morrish Hopper or with Waterwalkers have been effective. You might try dropping a black and brown speckled rubberleg nymph or a red bead Quill Jig nymph off either of them. If you’re floating up in the BLM section with a standard

drift boat plan to be on the oars, a skiff that doesn’t draft much water would probably be a better choice.

Flat Creek out on the Elk Refuge is high, the highest I’ve seen in a long time; drastically different from last year’s extreme low water. This is providing a lot of good holding water for fish. As always out there take your time, but even more so with the high water. Spinners, PMD’s, and Terrestrials have been the ticket. So, nothing new for there!

Over on the South Fork the release out of Palisades Dam is a little high for this time of year, but still not bad at 9350cfs. Fishing the riffles has picked up considerably. Look for PMD and spinner patterns there. Also, there have been reports of the fall stonefly, Claassenia, being spotted. Early for this time of year, but between them and hoppers, big foam or big traditional attractors will be your flies Du Jour. Don’t

overlook lightly weighted nymphs or suspended nymphs in the riffles.

Let’s thank whoever for timely rain again this August, but with temperatures again soaring to the upper 80’s and low 90’s, please still be aware of afternoon water temps. Until next time, good fishing.

- Howard Cole


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