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Warming up in the Valley | June 12th, 2023

Though locally the main stem of the Snake and most of its tributaries are still running high and off in color, there are signs of encouragement for fishing the Yellowstone Area. The top section of the Snake, from the release at the dam downstream to Pacific Creek remains clear and very fishable. Pacific Creek itself has dropped considerably and we are expecting it to start fishing this week. Old timers always say, when Glory Bowl fully melts, the Snake will run clear. Keep a look out next time you're driving up the pass.

In the Pinedale area, the Green and New Fork conditions are improving. We can’t predict that flows have peaked, but they are currently on the drop. So, a great sign for improved fishing there.

Over in Idaho, the South Fork has been dropping and as of today (Monday the 8th) the release from Palisade Dam is 11,700cfs. Though there hasn’t been much dryfly fishing there, streamer and nymph fishing has been consistent. On the Henry’s Fork the Salmonflies are on the wane but Golden Stones are starting. There has been very good Caddis and Mayfly activity. Expect to see Green Drakes happing this week, especially

on the lower river. And for many Ranch Junkies, Harriman State Park (The Ranch) opens this week on Thursday, June 15th.

Up in Yellowstone National Park the Firehole, Gibbon, and the Madison continue to fish well. There has been a plethora of dryfly activity with Mayflies, Caddis, and Little Yellow Sallies. Look for Salmonflies happing soon in the Firehole Canyon.

So, all in all our fishing in the Yellowstone Area is on the up-swing and should continue that way as more waters clear from run-off and open through regulations. Kind of funny how things work, having a good winter snowpack, which leads to favorable water conditions, blossoms into quality fishing. Yeah, funny how that goes.

Until next time, good fishing

Howard Cole


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