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Winter Flows Announced | September 13th, 2022

Well fall is definitely creeping into Jackson Hole. Some of the Cottonwoods and Aspens are taking on that tinge of yellow and the Mountain Ashe turning that brilliant red. The release from Jackson Lake is 2520 which is a little high for this time of year. BuRec plans to start dropping flows starting the week of September 19th down to 2000cfs and reach winter flows (280cfs) by October 3rd, per the News and Guide. Presently Jackson Lake is at 24% of capacity and Palisades Reservoir is at 21%. We sure could use a big winter.

The Snake is still fishing well with the usual flies like Attractor Foam, Hoppers, and traditional patterns; Stimulators, Madam X, and Tarantulas. As in every fall on the Snake, start thinking of smaller foam. Grillo’s Hippie Stomper is an excellent go-to and comes in array of colors. Also Up-right wing patterns will be very important. The Hi-Vis Moosetail and Scott Sanchez’s PFD’s are flies you should consider.

If you are fishing the Tributaries to the Snake, as I mentioned in the last report, they are at fall flows. So, look for green water, something that is three feet deep or more. It may only be a small pocket but fish it because that is where the fish will be. If I had one fly to fish to fish the Tribs it would be a size 12 Royal Stimulator. As on the Snake, Up-right wing patterns will also be important. Plain old Parachute Adams or Purple Haze can be tough ones to beat.

The Green and New Fork in the Pinedale area are SKINNNNY. Green is at 188cfs and the New Fork is at 250cfs by Pig Piney, both almost 100cfs lower than normal. If you plan on floating either, plan on floating low. Otherwise it is a wade situation.

Over on the South Fork the dryfly fishing has been tough. The release from Palisades Reservoir is 10,300cfs, 3000cfs higher than normal. Nymphing the riffles and streamer fishing the banks has been producing, but the dryfly fishing we usually enjoy this time of year has been tough. It looks like a little weather is rolling in and that could really help in the rifle dryfly fishing.

All in all we have had very good fishing in Jackson Hole this year. Hopefully we have a good winter with lots of snow, making for a good ski season and filling our reservoir system back up. Until next time good fishing.

- Howard Cole


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