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Winter Fly Fishing Euro Nymph Rig

With the longer days of February in full swing and some sunny days in forecast, the mind starts thinking of fishing. The water is still quite chilly so it is very helpful to put the fly in the trout’s mouth. Deep nymphing and especially Euro nymphing are the best way to do this!

Fly Fishing Euro Nymph Rig

I prefer a 10ft 3wt nymphing rod but your standard 9 ft rod will get you by. Just attach a Euro nymph leader, with a bright sighter, to the end of your line. I like a heavy size 14 jig nymph like a Biot Bug or Glass House Caddis on the bottom as the weight and a Perdigon style fly or zebra midge in size 16 or 18 above it a couple of feet.

They should eat both! If you a midge hatch or fish noses on top, switch to a standard leader and a hang down emerger like a Smoke Jumper or Split Top.

Grab your snowshoes and head to the river!

Top Flies for February

1. Dark Stone Biot Bug

2. Lt Stone Biot Bug

3. Glass House Caddis

4. Keslar

5. Perdigon

6. Zebra Midge

7. Smoke Jumper

8. Split Top Emerger

-- Scott Sanchez


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