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Change of Seasons Bring Change in Fishing | August 30th, 2023 Report

Well boys and girls it is that time of year again, whether we like it or not it is turning into fall. Keep on reading for our August 30th fishing report for the tributaries in Jackson Hole.

The Aspen leaves are starting to turn yellow around their edges and area tributaries are starting to drop to fall flows. Evening fishing on the tribs has remained good but don’t expect that to continue. As we move into the fall season and the flows on the tributaries drop, look for what we call Green Water. This will be that portion of the river which takes on that deep emerald green color. Fish will move from the shallow flats (especially the bigger fish) and seek out these deeper pockets. This kind of water doesn’t necessarily need to be big in area, sometimes the size of a coffee table. This will be water that goes from a foot/foot-and-a-half to three feet deep. It will be green. You may be pleasantly surprised by fishing these little pockets that earlier in the season you may have otherwise overlook. In larger sections of Green Water you will probably find fish congregated together, so fish them thoroughly.

Fly fishing in Jackson Hole Wyoming

As I mentioned the evening fishing on the Snake’s tributaries has been good with steady results from Elk Hair Caddis and small Stimulators. Expect foam and hopper patterns in sizes 10’s and 12’s to produce well. You might try a Purple Bruce or a Black Magic for something a little different. Never overlook up-right winged patterns like a Parachute Hare’s Ear of Royal Coachman Cripple.

Also as I had mentioned don’t expect the evening fishing to continue. As the days get shorter and the evenings cool, the evening fishing will drop off. Don’t hesitate to contact the shop for current conditions and the most up to date fishing report from our staff members.

Until next time, good fishing,

Howard Cole


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