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Back to Winter Flows | Snake River | 10.4.23

The Bureau of Rec has started dropping the Snake River below Jackson Lake to get to winter flows and currently is hovering around 350cfs. The draw down has been much more thoughtful than last year and the fish and the fishing has responded to a more conservative cut back. The fishing has held up quite well, but our fly selection certainly has changed.

Brown trout in Wyoming

Your big attractor patterns you used a couple of weeks ago, will probably now be more of an indicator for nymphs in a two fly (hopper/dropper) set-up. Redemption PMD’s, Lite-Bright Pheasant Tails, Blow Torch, and the dependable Duracell nymphs are good choices for this type of system. Consistent dry fly fishing has turned to more traditional match the hatch patterns. Depend on Baetis and Mahogany Dun imitations. Comparadun’s for both will be excellent choices. The old Thorax Mahogany still a good one.

You’ll still get some action searching with big foam and hopper patterns but those days are numbered. I think you’ll see the intensity of streamer fishing to increase as the fish really start loading up for the winter. The Lil’ Kim has become a go to for me.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the rest of the fishing season. I’m off chasing Steelhead and Birds until December. See all of you then.

Until next time good fishing,

Howard Cole


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