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Jackson is Starting to Fish | 07.05.24

Well girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of year when the Jackson area rivers and streams start to fall into shape for fishing. Even though the Snake River proper is still off in color, it is starting to fish. Don't expect a lot of dry fly action, but a dropper system with a big dryfly and a nymph 16-18 inches below has been very productive for us.

A Gold or Purple Chubby and Water Walkers are go-to's for your dry/indicator fly. Underneath that hunk of foam you might try Miller's Victim, My Gal Sal or a Guide's Choice for your nymph. Even last Sunday our guide trips had brief but excellent dryfly fishing and expect that to get better as conditions moderate.

Gros Ventre

For our tributaries, Pacific Creek and the Gros Ventre would be good choices, but the Buffalo and Hoback still have a ways to go. But, it shouldn't be too long for these two nemesis of the valley to come into shape.

All in all, fishing in the valley has picked up considerably, so get out there any enjoy it.

Until next time... good fishing.


Fly lines come in different tapers to match conditions and what you are throwing on the end of the line. Lines with a shorter front taper will deliver more energy to the leader and fly. Many of these are also slightly heavier than the designated line weight. For example, a 5 1/2 weight line instead of a 5 weight line. This also helps deliver more energy to the end of the line. They make a big difference with a big foam on a windy day.

Scientific Anglers MPX series, Rio Grand series and Airflo Power Taper are great lines to help you throw big bugs. Shorter, heavier leaders also make a big difference. Try using a 7/12 foot 2X or 3X on big foam and hair flies. The shorter length and thicker mass will help deliver the energy from the line to the fly.


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