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It's All About Lake Fishing | 06.14.24

To quote the Dr. John song, it's the "Right Place Wrong Time" at least for dry fly fishing streams in Jackson Hole. A normal snowpack is melting, and area streams and rivers are high, frigid and dirty. That being said, the lake fishing is very good at the moment. With May ice off the lakes, the water is still cool and the fish are close to shore and fairly shallow. Jackson, Jenny, Phelps and Leigh Lakes have nice cutthroats and large lake trout, along with a smattering of brook trout.

Bradley Lake

This is one of the best opportunities to catch a lake trout on a fly rod. Try a Balanced Leech in black, olive or brown. Chartrueuse Clousers are also good. Look for rock points that will give you room to cast. A sinking line or leader can be helpful. Spin fishing is really good with Jakes, Krocodiles and Kastmasters.

Smaller lakes like Bradley, Taggart, Bearpaw and Trapper are nice hiking options for cutthroats and brook trout. Use small Woolly Buggers and flashy nymphs. It's always good to carry some ants in case flying ants appear. On a spin rod, try a baby Jakes or a nymph behind a casting bubble.


If you want to get serious about lake fishing and catching lake fish, invest in some sinking lines. Sinking lines get your fly deeper, help you keep the fly in the zone and cover more parts of the water column. Sinking lines comes in different densities or sink rates. Intermediates break the water surface and help suspend flies. They also negate the effect of waves so you can keep a straight line and contact with the fly. Lines also come in a Type 3 (medium sink), Type 5 (fast sink) or Type 6 or 7 (super fast sink). There are full sink and sink options. Sinking leaders that make your floating line a sink tip are economical options and allow for quick modifications.


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